Junction Network Phone Labs Reviews The Polycom VVX-1500

This past week Junction Networks phone lab posted a review of the Polycom VVX-1500 Business Media Phone. They make note of the devices’ many fine qualities. The VVX is truly a joy to use. It’s build quality is outstanding, and you simply won’t find a better sounding phone anywhere.

That said, I remain curious about the use of one-on-one video calling. It’s remains unclear to what extent companies are making use of desktop video calling. It’s not the kind of this that springs up organically since one must first seed the organisation with a number of suitably capable phones.

I wonder if this tends to happen within companies that are already making use of traditional video conference installations? Do the Business Media Phones merely extend the reach of such facilities to to the desktop or SOHO users? Or are desktop video phones something completely different?

If you make use of such devices please leave a comment about your experience.

OnSIP Review Of Bria v3.1 From Counterpath

The folks in the phone lab over at Junction Networks / OnSIP earlier this week posted a review of Counterpath’s Bria v3.1 release. They note a number of improvements, including more reliable support for video and G.722 based wideband calling.

I appreciate their reviews as there simply isn’t enough time in the day to try everything myself. Further, as an OnSIP user, if they have experience with a particular SIP client then they are better positioned to support our company if we should decide to use that program or device.

As to Bria itself, it certainly appears that Counterpath is on the move, issuing new releases for Mac, Windows, iPhone and Bria over the past six or seven months.

As a Windows user I find that look & feel of the Mac version is much nicer than it’s WPF-based counterpart on Windows. I wonder why the Mac version color scheme is light grey while the Windows version is very dark?  It’s like the the light vs the dark sides of The Force.

Reader Voice Comments Officially Launched

You may have noticed the widget that I added to the sidebar about a week ago. Inspired by hearing about Voxeo’s Phono on a recent VUC call I decided that I’d like to provide a mechanism for readers to leave comments in the form of a voice message.

This seemed like it would be really easy, even though I’m not a developer. I was particularly happy to see that there is a WordPress plugin called WordPhone that makes this practical for the complete newby.

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OnSIP Recommends Polycom

Family is curious thing. The people closest to us we often regard with a complex mixture of both affection and disdain. Such is the human condition. Emotion, passion especially, arises in so many forms, like matter and anti-matter, energetic yet opposite.

Your family might include doctors, lawyers, poets and astro-physicists…even Nobel laureates. But they’re still your family. You know them really well, and for all their legitimately wondrous attributes there are times that they’re still just a pain in the….well, you know.

When you make use of a particular companies products for long enough they become a bit like family. You appreciate their better qualities, but you also get to know their idiosyncrasies. You know what you’d change if you had some influence.

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A Blackberry User Considers Android

I’ve been a loyal Blackberry user  for about four years. RIM not long ago released the Blackberry Torch to modest fanfare in the US. While Jim Courtney tells me that it’s worth a look, it’s only offered by AT&T, which makes it a non-starter for me.

In contrast, today marks the official launch of the G2 on T-Mobile. With it’s landscape mode keyboard the G2 just might be the handset that entices me to make the leap to Android. I’m going to try and lay hands on one this evening. Further, my wife wants a new handset as well. We might be in the market for a pair of handsets.

This comes at an interesting time as Counterpath just this week announced the pending release of Bria For Android. Todd Carothers’ blog has something to say about this release. The availability of a solid SIP client on Android is a welcome thing, although I’ve heard good things about SIPDroid. It’s nice to have options.

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OnSIP Wins 2010 Stevie Award For Best New Telecom Product

Junction Network’s OnSIP service was just announced the winner of a 2010 Stevie Award for their My.OnSIP user portal. They won in the category of new telecom product or service from a company with less than 100 staff.

Congratulations to Rob, Mike & the rest of the JN team on some well-deserved recognition of their efforts!