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OnSIP Review Of Bria v3.1 From Counterpath

The folks in the phone lab over at Junction Networks / OnSIP earlier this week posted a review of Counterpath’s Bria v3.1 release. They note a number of improvements, including more reliable support for video and G.722 based wideband calling.

I appreciate their reviews as there simply isn’t enough time in the day to try everything myself. Further, as an OnSIP user, if they have experience with a particular SIP client then they are better positioned to support our company if we should decide to use that program or device.

As to Bria itself, it certainly appears that Counterpath is on the move, issuing new releases for Mac, Windows, iPhone and Bria over the past six or seven months.

As a Windows user I find that look & feel of the Mac version is much nicer than it’s WPF-based counterpart on Windows. I wonder why the Mac version color scheme is light grey while the Windows version is very dark?  It’s like the the light vs the dark sides of The Force.

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