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Junction Network Phone Labs Reviews The Polycom VVX-1500

This past week Junction Networks phone lab posted a review of the Polycom VVX-1500 Business Media Phone. They make note of the devices’ many fine qualities. The VVX is truly a joy to use. It’s build quality is outstanding, and you simply won’t find a better sounding phone anywhere.

That said, I remain curious about the use of one-on-one video calling. It’s remains unclear to what extent companies are making use of desktop video calling. It’s not the kind of this that springs up organically since one must first seed the organisation with a number of suitably capable phones.

I wonder if this tends to happen within companies that are already making use of traditional video conference installations? Do the Business Media Phones merely extend the reach of such facilities to to the desktop or SOHO users? Or are desktop video phones something completely different?

If you make use of such devices please leave a comment about your experience.

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  1. I think it is a great phone as a phone. It is huge – so this speaker phone rivals the speakers in my home stereo. But I stopped using this phone because it seemed incompatible with my Savi headset. I complained to Polycom and they told me they duplicated the problem, but that was back in November. Still no fix.

    So I moved back to the 650 – vvx vs. headset and headset wins.

    Meanwhile, my video calls are increasing heavily on Skype. So much that I am no longer questioning if video will really take off or not, it will. It’s about ease of use. I am anxious to get the vvx back into production mode. I wish it had more intuitive apps for its large screen. Aastra has some nice Twitter and Gmail calendar/contacts integration – Grandstream does too.

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