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This is a listing of how-to articles and guides that I’ve written.

How To: Fix a Wi-Fi Dead Spot on a Budget

A few simple ways to solve problems of Wi-Fi coverage that won’t require an advanced degree or a second mortgage.

Originally published February, 2018

The DoorBot Saga: The tale of a fancy video-capable Doorbell replacement


An extended series running from December 2012 to April 2014

How To Connect a Google+ Hangout-On-Air to a Conference Bridge


A podcasters guide to overcoming the interoperability limitations of Google’s Hangouts-On-Air.

An ongoing series started in January 2014

Webcams & 21st Century UC


Understanding the little cameras that are coming to dominate the desktop UC landscape.

An ongoing series started in August 2013

Lenovo X-1-Carbon PowerPoint
How To: Creating Great Quality Screencasts

Details a hardware-centric approach to producing excellent quality screencasts.
Originally published September 9, 2013

Lighting for Video Calling and Conferencing in a Home Office

Originally published July – August, 2013

Adding an intercom to our front gate

Originally published August – October, 2011

A Tale Of Wonky Wifi: An Informal Series

Originally published February, 2010 – April, 2011

D.I.Y. Asterisk Appliances: A Question Of Scale

An overview of hardware platforms for small DIY Asterisk servers, originally published here on July 8, 2010
Republished at Small Net Builder as How To Build Asterisk Appliances On The Cheap on July 13, 2010

Asterisk & HDVoice Vertical
The State of HDVoice in Asterisk

This series is a rework of the HDVoice session I presented in cooperation with Polycom at Astricon 2009.

How-To Series: Making Use of Wideband Voice Right Now!

Overview Of USB Speakerphones

Originally published May 10, 2009

T5700 SOLO copy
How To: DIY Music Server Using FreeNAS, SlimNAS and an H-P T5700

Originally published July 22, 2008

The Path To Whole House Audio

Originally published Spring & Summer 2008

How To: Add A Cellular Trunk To Your VOIP System

How To: Add A Cellular Trunk To Your VOIP System – Part 1,
Originally published May 9, 2008
How To: Add A Cellular Trunk To Your VOIP System – Part 2,
Originally published June 9, 2008

The Beginners Guide To Successful VOIP Over DSL

A guide to network issues relating to VoIP over small office/home office internet connections. Originally published January 6, 2008

How To: Building An Embedded Asterisk Server

Originally published January 13, 2006

Guides & How-To’s

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