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Pictured left-to-right: Myself, Dickson (@dtdog) & Stella on the front step.

I live in Houston, Texas with my wife, two dogs and two cats.

Phase IV : Work

By day I work for ZipDX, a provider of specialty audio conferencing. ZipDX has developed unique solutions to improve business by helping people communicate better.

I’m also lucky to have been on the vanguard of the home office trend. I’ve not worked in a traditional office environment since 1995.

Phase III: Interests

My interests are many but include various areas of technology, most especially those that relate to how people communicate, such as; video production, video conferencing, telecom, VoIP, music and home theater.

Phase II: Past Interests

From 2009 to 2018 I was a regular contributor and occasional co-producer of the VoIP Users Conference. That project started as a podcast on Talkshoe, morphed into a Hangout, then Hangout On Air. There are over 600 episodes available on YouTube.

In a past life I was also very active in kites; kite making and flying. In 1990 I was one of the hosts of TVOntario‘s “Kite Crazy” mini-series, which went on to be one of their most popular how-to mini-series of all time. Designing and building kites as object du art my former partner and I won many awards, including the Smithsonian Institute’s “Beauty In the Sky” award at the 1990 edition of their annual kite festival.

Phase I: Past Work

In a past era I worked for UK-based manufacturer of television graphics equipment. In that role my time was split between working at customers sites around North America and my home office. In my travels I was privileged to work on projects at some of the finest broadcast facilities in the world.


For a short while I was a staff editor at Kitelines Magazine. KL was at the time the world’s leading kite publication. Privately held and run as a labor of love by a small, dedicated staff Kitelines ran for over 20 years. Kitelines was based in Baltimore MD whereas I lived just outside of Toronto at the time. This began my involvement working from a home office and telecommuting, well before such things were commonplace.

Long ago I started out as a television editor. When video tape still ruled the world (before PC-based non-linear editors) I worked for just over seven years at various production facilities in the Toronto area. I edited a number of successful series, hundreds of commercials, and a mind-numbing amount of corporate programming. I hardly saw the sun back then, but it was great fun.

Want to know how to reach me? Try here.



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