The Gigaset C610A: Dialing By SIP URI

We’ve had the Gigaset C610A in the house for quite some time. It’s long been on my list of devices for review. However, it’s difficult to find the time to commit to such tasks when the current model of Gigaset is so much like one of the prior models. There’s just no getting around the fact that the C61H handset is very like the C59H, which we’ve had for over two years.

That said, the C610A does offer a few niceties that were suggested to the company when they launched the line in the US back in 2009. Earlier today a new thread in the DSL Reports VoIP Forum prompted me to take just a little time to explore dialing by SIP URI on the C61H handset.

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Nerd Uno Dishes Out Advice on SIP Security

Ward Mundy over at Nerd Vittles has a great post today about SIP security. It’s entitled The Incredible PBX: Adding Remotes, Preserving Security. If you run an Asterisk based PBX you should probably read this. Now!

Ward’s advice really rings true (sorry for the telecom geek pun, it couldn’t be helped!)  His “Baker’s Dozen SIP Security Checklist” makes perfect sense. That doesn’t mean that I can’t add my own two cents.

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Making Use of Wideband Voice Right Now!: IdeaSIP

It’s been a while since I revisited this series on Make Use Of Wideband Voice Right Now! Over the past six months a number of things have changed. Google bought Gizmo5 and has for some time shut down new account sign-ups while they work out how to incorporate Gizmo5 into their voice applications.

With the demise of FWD as a SIP service earlier in 2009 Gizmo5 was probably the most high-profile, publicly available free SIP registrar. Their loss has to be felt as something of a setback to those who want to use HDVoice Right Now! Perhaps over time Google will make up for the current inconvenience.

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Dialing By SIP URI In Asterisk

polycom_ip650_256Barrett Lyon is an interesting guy. He’s the CTO & Co-founder of BitGravity, a company specializing in streaming media solutions for the web.  Long ago I stumbled upon his blog which was then a very simple site. What caught my attention was a post detailing how to use direct dialing by SIP URI within Asterisk. It was unique because he laid out all the relevant DNS changes necessary, and supported the post with a video clip showing the process.

That old blog post has long vanished in a redesign of his site, but not long ago he replaced it with a new version called simply P2P SIP URI Dialing. It’s a good reference on the subject. Highly recommended.

Of course, dialing by SIP URI is really about wholly bypassing legacy telcos and what remains of their TDM networks. It assures that you have IP connectivity between end-points. That simple fact is what opens up the opportunity for wideband calling (HDVoice) as well as video calling and even encrypted calling.

So Long FWD, I Hardly Used Ya!

fwd-logoYesterday I got the email from Dan Berninger at FWD. My one year paid subscription is coming to an end. They’re offering the opportunity to renew if I want, but not signing up any new accounts. I guess that means that after a long and pioneering run FWD is finally winding down.

In truth, there’s just no need to sustain the account. Anyone who needs a free SIP  account can get them from other sources like OnSIP, IdeaSIP and Gizmo5. Once you have a SIP account the entire realm SIP URIs is available to you, including me.

I can’t help but have fond memories of using Free World Dialup in my earliest experiments with VoIP, SIP, et al. I’m grateful that Pulver & Company offered the service.