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So Long FWD, I Hardly Used Ya!

fwd-logoYesterday I got the email from Dan Berninger at FWD. My one year paid subscription is coming to an end. They’re offering the opportunity to renew if I want, but not signing up any new accounts. I guess that means that after a long and pioneering run FWD is finally winding down.

In truth, there’s just no need to sustain the account. Anyone who needs a free SIP  account can get them from other sources like OnSIP, IdeaSIP and Gizmo5. Once you have a SIP account the entire realm SIP URIs is available to you, including me.

I can’t help but have fond memories of using Free World Dialup in my earliest experiments with VoIP, SIP, et al. I’m grateful that Pulver & Company offered the service.

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