Australia’s Telstra = Worlds Largest HDVoice Service Footprint

Telstra-Logo & HTC Desire SSteve Perich, also of Australia, pointed me to an older post on Telstra’s coprorate blog. It highlights the fact that earlier in the year they launched HDVoice capability across their mobile network. Given the size of their coverage area they claim to have the largest HDVoice footprint on the planet.

The blog post includes nice video that highlights not only the improvements to the audible frequency range, but also the fact that it’s possible to do a better of job of background noise suppression with the richer audio data provided by the HDVoice stream.

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Reader Poll: The Nokia N97?


For months I’ve been waiting for a new cell phone. There seems to be a dearth of suitable candidates available. So I’m going to try running a reader poll. I had been very interested in the Nokia N97 which has been shipping for about six weeks. Yet few people I know are using the device, and I don’t necessarily trust everything that I read about it online. If you have one I’d like to know your thoughts on it.

[poll id=”2″]

Feel free to leave a comment or suggest an alternative.

Nokia N97 or Blackberry Bold?

I was seriously thinking about trading up my almost 2 year old Blackberry 8100 for a Bold, but today’s announcement of the N97 from Nokia has me reconsidering. This little beast is just gorgeous!

I had pretty much decided that a virtual keyboard was a non-starter, taking the Blackberry Storm out of play for me. Further, I’ve heard some early adopters regretting their choice of the Storm.

I stand by my now 10 year old personal boycott of AT&T…so no iPhone for me.

Pity that I’ll have to wait a while for the N97 to become available. Patience, my precious, patience.

Seeking Opinions: N810 vs Eee PC (or similar)?

I’m pondering a little portable computing device for around the house. I’m thinking about something in the under $400 range. There seem to be a lot of options.

The Asus Eee PC seems very attractive. It has certainly inspired a lot of imitators. The forthcoming Dell offering looks like a winner.

However, Nokia’s N810 looks like a nice device as well. The price, recently reported as $299, keeps falling as a new model is anticipated.

So I’m asking for some opinions. What would you prefer? I intend to use it for web browsing, remote control for SqueezeCentre and various household functions.