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Australia’s Telstra = Worlds Largest HDVoice Service Footprint

Telstra-Logo & HTC Desire SSteve Perich, also of Australia, pointed me to an older post on Telstra’s coprorate blog. It highlights the fact that earlier in the year they launched HDVoice capability across their mobile network. Given the size of their coverage area they claim to have the largest HDVoice footprint on the planet.

The blog post includes nice video that highlights not only the improvements to the audible frequency range, but also the fact that it’s possible to do a better of job of background noise suppression with the richer audio data provided by the HDVoice stream.

Telstra offers a number of HDVoice capable handsets from Nokia (6720, E52, E72, N8) as well as the HTC Desire S. All support AMR-WB, aka G.722.2.

In another tweet Steve notes that the handset selection is lacking, and that the offer of an iPhone supporting HDVoice would change things considerably. I do agree that the focus on Nokia is unfortunate.

It happens that I included a mention of Telstra in my appearance at CloudComm Summit 4 while at ITExpo last month. I expect to get a narrated version of that slide set online “real soon now.”

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