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Nokia N97 or Blackberry Bold?

I was seriously thinking about trading up my almost 2 year old Blackberry 8100 for a Bold, but today’s announcement of the N97 from Nokia has me reconsidering. This little beast is just gorgeous!

I had pretty much decided that a virtual keyboard was a non-starter, taking the Blackberry Storm out of play for me. Further, I’ve heard some early adopters regretting their choice of the Storm.

I stand by my now 10 year old personal boycott of AT&T…so no iPhone for me.

Pity that I’ll have to wait a while for the N97 to become available. Patience, my precious, patience.

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  1. I have an iPhone and love everything about it except the phone. Now that the iPhone has apps, I can do things like blog, tweet, ssh, and find nearby coffee shops at the click of a finger. I can also drop calls like I was piloting a B52. I can be next to my girlfriend using a non-AT&T phone and have 0 bars while she is almost full signal. This N97 looks truly like my dream phone, but sadly looks like it may be cost prohibitive. When pricing is announced and then market adjusted, I would truly love to save and try. In the meantime, I’m keeping my feet on the ground and reaching for the N97.

  2. Fred,

    You echo the exact same thing I’ve heard from others. I’ve heard even worse about the new Blackberry Storm. I guess I’ll just wait it out and see the lay of the land when the N97 is finally deliverable.

    But as I have said so often before, life’s just too short to suffer with a crappy phone.

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