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Seeking Opinions: N810 vs Eee PC (or similar)?

I’m pondering a little portable computing device for around the house. I’m thinking about something in the under $400 range. There seem to be a lot of options.

The Asus Eee PC seems very attractive. It has certainly inspired a lot of imitators. The forthcoming Dell offering looks like a winner.

However, Nokia’s N810 looks like a nice device as well. The price, recently reported as $299, keeps falling as a new model is anticipated.

So I’m asking for some opinions. What would you prefer? I intend to use it for web browsing, remote control for SqueezeCentre and various household functions.

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  1. I own the n800 (810 sans KB) – I’m disappointed with it. Lack of a real developer community and the inability to run ‘real’ programs limit its potential – the eeepc is a much better buy and I’ll be heading that way on my next purchase.

  2. received via twitter: alsutton @mjgraves N810. Same resolution, Smaller form factor, and lighter. The Eee PC isn’t a full laptop replacement and the trackpad is not good.

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