Panasonic KX-TGP5x0 Series Now Asterisk Certified

I read by way of TMC that Panasonic’s news-ish KXTGP-5×0 range of SMB SIP/DECT phones are now Asterisk certified. These phones look and feel very nice, and they do have support for G.722 allowing for wideband calling over SIP trunks.

As has been noted elsewhere the firmware for these devices has been a little strange, and Panasonic themselves don’t seem to have been quite prepared to support the phones in the field. Early adopters have had a difficult time obtaining support.

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Gigaset Gear Starting To Hit US Retailers

SL78HEarlier today Michael White at E4 tweeted that he had just received his shipment of Gigaset SL78H handsets. The SL78H is the high-end handset that Gigaset is offering as an optional addition to the A580IP and S675IP basic SIP/DECT systems. I’ll be going into detail about it eventually, but not until after I’ve reviewed the two base systems.

It’s unclear if the other systems are in stock yet, but they’re due any day.

SIP-DECT Handsets: Four In A Row

Several people have asked about the physical size of the Gigaset DECT handsets compared to other gear. Then I remembered that Michael White of E4 posted a pic on TwitPic a while back. The pic originated in a Ustream feed.


These are (left-right): Polycom Kirk 5020 in a mug, snom m3, Gigaset S67H, Gigaset A58H.

Guess which ones support wideband?

Gigaset US Update

siemens-a580ip-240It’s now six months since Gigaset Communications announced their intention to release the A580IP and S675IP in the US market. Happily, the wait appears to be nearing an end. Michael White at E4 confirms that they have placed a stocking order and expecting delivery shortly.

Further, Tony Stankus, Product Manager For Emerging Technologies at Gigaset, has agreed to be the guest for the VoIP Users Conference call on July 10th. That date was selected to ensure that there will be product at resellers ready for shipment.

Exceptional Customer Service: e4 Strategies

A few weeks ago I bought a couple of Polycom IP650 SIP phones from Michael White at E4 Strategies. This company was recommended by Karl Fife, a regular on the weekly Voip User Conference.

e4 had some IP650s listed as “open box” and offered at a discount so I ordered a pair. A day later Michael responded that in fact the open box units were sold out, but he’d honor the price for my small order. That’s great, I thought. And they were delivered quickly, too. All in all an excellent purchase experience.

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