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Gigaset Gear Starting To Hit US Retailers

SL78HEarlier today Michael White at E4 tweeted that he had just received his shipment of Gigaset SL78H handsets. The SL78H is the high-end handset that Gigaset is offering as an optional addition to the A580IP and S675IP basic SIP/DECT systems. I’ll be going into detail about it eventually, but not until after I’ve reviewed the two base systems.

It’s unclear if the other systems are in stock yet, but they’re due any day.

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  1. Boohoo, according to the person who posted the SL78H overview on YouTube, the phone does not stand up on its own, only in the stand. Who designs these?! 🙂 I know the A580 handset will stand up on a table/desk by itself, but the SL78H looked so nice and slick. Hopefully the A580’s will be in stock soon, I can’t wait!

  2. I looked through the user manuals and could find no reference to what soft-buttons are displayed during a call. Is there a “transfer” button and “mute” button easily accessible during an active call? Also, can you configure the display to show RSS feeds/custom pictures to provide weather forecasts, stock quotes, etc…?

    1. There is a hold function which is the left soft key when on a call. There is no dedicated transfer function. Although I’m told that you can use the hook flash facility to effect a transfer. I’ve not done it myself as yet.

  3. FYI, Gigaset gear (A58H, A580Ip, S675IP, S67H, DE380IPR desk phone) now listed on Amazon! No ship date listed yet, and all are at the retail price. I’m up for an S675IP to get the answering machine base station, and the A58H handsets for extensions. I wish the A580IP had an answering machine!

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