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Exceptional Customer Service: e4 Strategies

A few weeks ago I bought a couple of Polycom IP650 SIP phones from Michael White at E4 Strategies. This company was recommended by Karl Fife, a regular on the weekly Voip User Conference.

e4 had some IP650s listed as “open box” and offered at a discount so I ordered a pair. A day later Michael responded that in fact the open box units were sold out, but he’d honor the price for my small order. That’s great, I thought. And they were delivered quickly, too. All in all an excellent purchase experience.

Then earlier this week I received a email from Michael telling me about the latest Polycom firmware release, including links to download the firmware and the release notes. That was completely unexpected and very proactive for a reseller. It’s certainly something that I appreciate given that it has been at times difficult to get at Polycom firmware.

I have since learned that e4 is now formally a sponsor of the Voip User Conference. We have been working to introduce sponsorships. Much of the sponsorship proceeds actually go toward charitable causes including

Finding willing sponsors was not easy. After approaching a number of industry players about VUC sponsorship and being either ignored or rebuffed I have decided to honor the new VUC sponsors by linking to their web sites whenever possible in the routine course of my writing.

On a personal level I have no formal relationship with either of the sponsors, currently Junction Network’s OnSIP and e4 Strategies. I may buy from them or use their services either personally or professionally, but I receive no compensation or special consideration from either.

When asked I recommend both companies based soley upon my personal experience with them.

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