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Gigaset US Update

siemens-a580ip-240It’s now six months since Gigaset Communications announced their intention to release the A580IP and S675IP in the US market. Happily, the wait appears to be nearing an end. Michael White at E4 confirms that they have placed a stocking order and expecting delivery shortly.

Further, Tony Stankus, Product Manager For Emerging Technologies at Gigaset, has agreed to be the guest for the VoIP Users Conference call on July 10th. That date was selected to ensure that there will be product at resellers ready for shipment.

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  1. Your Tags list S580IP. Don’t you mean A580IP, or is the A580IP being renamed to S580IP for the US market?

    1. Too true. My mistake. It’s the A580IP.

      Also, some might wonder why I single out E4 as a reference vendor. I try to link to those companies who sponsor the VoIP Users Conference in recognition of their support of the community. I encourage others to do so as well.

  2. Are the Gigaset phones longer and more “cordless phone like” than say the M3 phones? I keep having people complain that the M3 is too short just like cell phones. And how is the voice quality (G.711 since I know you will point out the G.722 capability) compared to the M3?

    1. Will,

      Yes, the phones are physically taller, more like traditional cordless phones. That they can go a decent job of G.722 means that they are very good at G.711.


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