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Telephony Online Slams Verizon HUB

verizonhubOver at Telephony Online Danny Briere has a good piece of opinion about the Verizon Wireless HUB. The opinions expressed are a close match to my initial impression of both the device and the associated service. It just smells of classic Verizon-style over-control, with a side order of under-delivery of capabilities.

Frankly, I like what OpenPeak has done with the hardware. Less is known about the software, but it looks like it has tremendous potential. It could truly be an “iPhone for Home.”

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T-Mobile’s Home Phone Reconsidered

OpenPeak's OpenTablet DeviceA short while ago T-Mobile announced their intention to offer a home phone device not unlike Verizon’s HUB offering. At the time I thought it might be derived from OpenPeak’s other product offerings, possibly the OpenTablet. OpenPeak is in process of opening their platform up to third party developers and creating an “app store” so that they can grow a widget ecosystem around the platform. But it’s not clear that Android is the operating system involved.

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T-Mobile To Offer New Home Phone Device

OK, so the past few days there’s been a lot of chatter about T-Mobile announcing that they intend to offer a new home phone device. It’s been noted variously at CrunchGear and NYT. From the description given, that is a tablet form factor and 7″ touch screen LCD, it would seem a logical conclusion that T-Mobile is likely tapping OpenPeak for their OpenTablet hardware.

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SXSW Started This Weekend; AT&T Suffering The Consequences

iphone_largeNicholas Deleon over at CrunchGear has an interesting post from the perspective of someone attending this weekend’s start of the annual SXSW event in Austin. He calls it “Why Do Users Put Up With Terrible Cellphone Service?” and it basically details the fact that AT&T is struggling to service the throngs of iPhone toting hipsters that have flocked into Austin for the event.

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