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T-Mobile To Offer New Home Phone Device

OK, so the past few days there’s been a lot of chatter about T-Mobile announcing that they intend to offer a new home phone device. It’s been noted variously at CrunchGear and NYT. From the description given, that is a tablet form factor and 7″ touch screen LCD, it would seem a logical conclusion that T-Mobile is likely tapping OpenPeak for their OpenTablet hardware.

OpenPeak's OpenTablet Device

This is 100% conjecture on my part, but what’s being discussed about the home phone device is a reasonable match for the OpenTablet.

What is truly news is that its being reported that the device runs Google’s Android operating system. I don’t think it was known that Verizon’s HUB, also OpenPeak hardware, was running Android. But then again, there’s little reason for Verizon to trumpet such a fact. T-Mobile is, on the other hand, the market champion for Android given their offer of the G-1 handset.

As a T-Mobile cellular user I’ll be watching this closely. We could possibly end up with one of these as our home phone. But a lot can happen before this device is projected to be offered, early in 2010.

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