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T-Mobile’s Home Phone Reconsidered

OpenPeak's OpenTablet DeviceA short while ago T-Mobile announced their intention to offer a home phone device not unlike Verizon’s HUB offering. At the time I thought it might be derived from OpenPeak’s other product offerings, possibly the OpenTablet. OpenPeak is in process of opening their platform up to third party developers and creating an “app store” so that they can grow a widget ecosystem around the platform. But it’s not clear that Android is the operating system involved.

The T-Mobile announcement was very specific that the platform for the device was to be Google’s Android. It appears that iRiver’s Wave-Home Multimedia VOIP Touchscreen Entertainment & Communications Hub could also be a candidate. While few specifics are known about this device it has the requisiste 7″ touchscreen LCD, VoIP/DECT capability and hosts “widgets” to extend its functionality.


With a projected availability well in 2010 it’ll likely be a while before we know more. But in either case it’s something that could be an interesting option for our home phones.

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