PBXes Now Supporting HDVoice

A post over at the VoIP Tech Chat forum at DSL Reports points out that PBXes, a service of the German company I-P-Tel, has recently added support for HDVoice in the form of G.722. Apparently this is just a trial to see about uptake rates. A related post in their own forum hints that it’s going well so far.

I’d like to add these guys to my series on Making Use of HDVoice Right Now, but a cursory look at their service offering reveals that their free accounts don’t have access to G.722 based services. You must be on a paid account to get into the trial. To date everything in that series has been possible with free accounts from the likes of Skype, OnSIP, Gizmo5, SIPGate and IdeaSIP.

5 thoughts on “PBXes Now Supporting HDVoice”

  1. Look under the “Personal Data” section and choose 722 under the software version selection. I have a free account and was able to select 722.

  2. Since when do you trust documentation 🙂

    Thats always written by marketing folks who are generally clueless 🙂

    1. Hey, that’s me! I’ve written a lot of docs, even some brochures and marketing stuff. Of course, back then it was mired in telling the truth. Less inspired, but truthful.

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