The Gigaset C610A: Dialing By SIP URI

We’ve had the Gigaset C610A in the house for quite some time. It’s long been on my list of devices for review. However, it’s difficult to find the time to commit to such tasks when the current model of Gigaset is so much like one of the prior models. There’s just no getting around the fact that the C61H handset is very like the C59H, which we’ve had for over two years.

That said, the C610A does offer a few niceties that were suggested to the company when they launched the line in the US back in 2009. Earlier today a new thread in the DSL Reports VoIP Forum prompted me to take just a little time to explore dialing by SIP URI on the C61H handset.

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PBXes Now Supporting HDVoice

A post over at the VoIP Tech Chat forum at DSL Reports points out that PBXes, a service of the German company I-P-Tel, has recently added support for HDVoice in the form of G.722. Apparently this is just a trial to see about uptake rates. A related post in their own forum hints that it’s going well so far.

I’d like to add these guys to my series on Making Use of HDVoice Right Now, but a cursory look at their service offering reveals that their free accounts don’t have access to G.722 based services. You must be on a paid account to get into the trial. To date everything in that series has been possible with free accounts from the likes of Skype, OnSIP, Gizmo5, SIPGate and IdeaSIP.