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Adding A Human Dimension To Telepresence

So often our exposure to the utility of telepresence/video conferencing is by way of things like 24 or NCIS. These examples highlight big governmental or corporate situations with people are banging their fists on board tables and glaring at the other parties. This is so stereotypical and under serves the real application of such technology to bring people together. To help us communicate better.

Polycom today issued a press release today highlighting a project centered around National Take-Your-Sons-And-Daughters-To-Work-Day, which is Thursday, April 23rd. Apparently they are making telepresence suites in their various North American locations open to  family members on this day.

The company expects more than 100 children in nine locations throughout North America to follow their parents to work on Thursday. As it has in previous years, Polycom is hosting the event to give tomorrow’s workforce a peek at the kind of environments that are revolutionizing the way people telecommute – and in the process, maintain a better balance between their work and personal lives.

Kids in every participating Polycom office will remain linked via Polycom telepresence solutions with their counterparts in eight other locations. They’ll engage in games and contests – including a perennial favorite, “stupid phone tricks” – and then join in a group ice cream social. Along the way, they’ll get hands-on experience with the amazing technologies that big businesses, government agencies, and even TV producers rely on work with colleagues around the world, without ever leaving their offices or homes.

As someone who spends a lot of time away from home, especially very recently, I’m coming to appreciate video conferencing a little more. I think that this exercise is a very nice way for the company to show a very human aspect to the technology. It’s a a great idea.

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