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Gigaset S685IP New Firmware With Mute Function

s685ip-mute-engagedA few days back I noted that Gigaset had released new firmware that was reputed to have a microphone mute function. This prompted me to put my S685IP back in service. I installed the system on my network and let it install the new firmware. The upgrade installed easily and I was rewarded by the presence of a mute option on the left soft key.

The option is only offered when the phone is actually engaged in a call. I first tried it out today as I joined one of Randulo’s New Wine Consumer calls on Talkshoe. When engaged a text message indicates the mute state very clearly on the LCD display. See photo to the right for an example. Click for larger image.

Since traffic to my earlier rant about SIP/DECT phones has been strong and consistent I think it’s important to point out that both manufacturers, snom and Gigaset,  have listened and acted on some of my complaints. For this I am thankful. I have been recommending both of these devices not only on the merits of the device, but also the willingness of the maker to listen and act based on user feedback.

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  1. Have you seen or considered either the Aastra MBU 400 ( or the Polycom KIRK 300 base station with a 5020 or 5040 handset ( Both of these seem to be in the same class as the snom as they are targeted at small business.

    Like you, I run Asterisk at home and would like to find the perfect SIP DECT solution. Wideband voice would be nice, though only the Siemens supports it. Both the Aastra and Polycom have both a mute key and load contacts via .csv files.

    1. I have not seen or used Aastra’s MBU-400 myself. However, if you search in the VoIP forum at http://www.broadband you will probably find people having trouble with the device. One or two commented here a while back.

      The S675IP is similar to the MBU-400 in that it supports a POTS line as well as VoIP accounts. The snom m3 and Siemens Gigaset S675IP are both good solutions and at an approachable price point.

      The Polycom/Kirk DECT systems are considerably more expensive overall. However, they are very scalable, business class systems.

      While I try to shy away from such things myself, there is still a case to be made for using an ATA with a good DECT phone system. At the moment it gives you a lot more choice for the phones.

  2. Is there a way to call a SIP URI with these Siemens gigaset phones? I recently got one of these and I can’t seem to figure out how to make a SIP to SIP call if the other party doesn’t have a phone number assigned to their account. The manual mentions dialing URIs as numbers, but it doesn’t elaborate any further. Do you have any advice on this topic please?

    1. At this very moment I don’t have any advice. However, a new box of US targeted Gigaset phones just arrived a couple of days ago. When I’m back from my current business trip I’ll be giving them a look and delve into that matter specifically.

      For the past year I have been leveraging a feature of the OnSIP hosted IP-PBX that I use. OnSIP lets you assign an extension number to almost anything; another phone, an external number, even a SIP URI. Thus I have some SIP URIs mapped to 4 digit extensions, allowing me to call them from either the Gigaset or snom cordless handsets. This has been my solution to this point.

  3. US targeted Gigaset phones? I’m assuming they’re DECT6.0. They aren’t on Siemens website… any more info on these?

  4. I waiting for years now to get a DECT6 US phone with SIP. Are those phones at e4 imports using the European DECT6 standard? The frequency seems to be slightly different and it appears that the european DECT6 is using frequencies reserved for GSM1900 as used by T-mobile for example in the US. I am not so much worried about the DECT phone screwing with the T-mobil network as the power is much lower but the other way around it might cause the phone to have interference and not work very well.
    Does anybody know more?
    Will the S685IP be available too? I would really like to be able and use a bluetooth headset.

    1. E4 has simply been dealing with Gigaset US to be amongst the first to be able to offer the phones when they are finally available in the US. Several models will be offered. There are samples in circulation that meet US regulations. The samples include the S675IP but not S685IP. That E4 has been allowed to show the phones as “coming soon” just supports the fact that they really are close to being available.

  5. Hello,

    Thanks for the reviews. Would you know whether the non-IP version of the S675 will receive a firmware update as well? I am missing out on the mute function… Thanks

    1. That’s a good question. I’ve had a quick look through the manual for that device and I see no reference to a process for firmware upgrades. Lacking for a network connection I’m not at all certain that this is possible I’d suggest that you pose this question over at the Gigaset blog at

  6. There’s a new firmware update available today 10th Oct 2009. Haven’t seen any comments about it yet. Just going to lookup the change log.

  7. Hi,

    I have a S685 configured via a Linksys PAP2. The most missing feature is ‘mute’. Do you think the firmware for s685IP will also work with the nonIP gigaset or there is another firmware for the vanilla flavoured S685?


    1. I really don’t know. I can’t think of how you would update the firmware in the S675, presuming that it doesn’t have a network connection. You may nee to speak to a well qualified reseller or the manufacturer to fund out for sure.

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