39 Free Soft Phones

Two-Soft-phones-200 copyMatt Riddell of VentureVoIP is always informative and a great read. This morning I see that he has posted an article listing 39 Free Soft Phones. What a great resource! He goes so far as to only list those that don’t require some sort of registration to download. Best of all he clearly indicates platform support for each program.

My two favorites, Counterpath’s X-Lite and PhonerLite, made the list. PhonerLite is notable for being one of the few with support for the G.722 wideband codec. (Am I not some sort of one-note instrument?)

Gigaset S685IP New Firmware With Mute Function

s685ip-mute-engagedA few days back I noted that Gigaset had released new firmware that was reputed to have a microphone mute function. This prompted me to put my S685IP back in service. I installed the system on my network and let it install the new firmware. The upgrade installed easily and I was rewarded by the presence of a mute option on the left soft key.

The option is only offered when the phone is actually engaged in a call. I first tried it out today as I joined one of Randulo’s New Wine Consumer calls on Talkshoe. When engaged a text message indicates the mute state very clearly on the LCD display. See photo to the right for an example. Click for larger image.

Since traffic to my earlier rant about SIP/DECT phones has been strong and consistent I think it’s important to point out that both manufacturers, snom and Gigaset,  have listened and acted on some of my complaints. For this I am thankful. I have been recommending both of these devices not only on the merits of the device, but also the willingness of the maker to listen and act based on user feedback.

Polycom SoundPoint IP 550 / IP 650 Reviewed

Originally published at www.smallnetbuilder.com on August 13, 2008

When I was asked several months ago about reviewing a pair of new Polycom desk phones, I simply could not believe my good fortune. It was a little like being asked if I’d like to have a Tesla roadster for a few weeks. But of course my good man! Where do I sign?

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Hitachi Getting Out Of Wifi SIP Handset Business

The word has come down that Hitachi has stopped making its Wifi SIP handsets and is exiting that line of business. If you liked any of their phones you may still be able to get them from retailers existing inventory, but numbers are expected to be limited.

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A Suggestion To Asterisk Appliance Developers

I’ve made it very clear over the months writing this blog that I like the appliance approach to Asterisk, or any PBX, especially for SOHO/SMB applications. It’s just a good sensible approach. Over the past year there have emerged some really good product offerings in this area.

By combining the flexibility of Asterisk or Freeswitch with a well conceived user interface solution a vendor can offer a product that addresses a wide range of possible user cases. By leveraging some Web 2.0 technologies that GUI can be very intuitive.

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monowall Screencast Tutorials

m0n0wall-160Rarely do I profess as much devotion to a piece of software as I have for m0n0wall. I’m told that it’s one of the single most successful open source projects and it’s easy to see why. It’s been my primary router for over four years. It’s never let me down, and the user community is very supportive.

I am happy to see that Phillip Cooper has recently created a series of “screencasts” documenting it’s basic setup and configuration. This should help new users a lot. I wish they’d been around when I got started. I further wish that I’d thought to do the screencasts myself. It’s a good idea.

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