Reader Poll: The Nokia N97?


For months I’ve been waiting for a new cell phone. There seems to be a dearth of suitable candidates available. So I’m going to try running a reader poll. I had been very interested in the Nokia N97 which has been shipping for about six weeks. Yet few people I know are using the device, and I don’t necessarily trust everything that I read about it online. If you have one I’d like to know your thoughts on it.

[poll id=”2″]

Feel free to leave a comment or suggest an alternative.

Nokia N97 or Blackberry Bold?

I was seriously thinking about trading up my almost 2 year old Blackberry 8100 for a Bold, but today’s announcement of the N97 from Nokia has me reconsidering. This little beast is just gorgeous!

I had pretty much decided that a virtual keyboard was a non-starter, taking the Blackberry Storm out of play for me. Further, I’ve heard some early adopters regretting their choice of the Storm.

I stand by my now 10 year old personal boycott of AT&T…so no iPhone for me.

Pity that I’ll have to wait a while for the N97 to become available. Patience, my precious, patience.