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Beware Bad Links For Now

Some links on this site are going to be broken for a short while. Earlier this week, after the Hurricane Ike cleanup, I managed to get the site moved from free hosting to a BlueHost. This will eventually let me do some things that I’ve wanted to accomplish but were not allowed on WordPress hosts. Like use Flash for example.

However, in the mean time I need to got back through a lot of old posts and edit internal links that made reference to the old blog URLs. I’ve tried to be more structured about how I setup my domain, subdomains, etc. But that broke all the old links. Only internal links are impacted. Links to external sites are remain sounds.

I’ll get it all sorted out eventually. In the mean time if you have any suggestions about managing a WordPress installation I’m completely open hear them.

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  1. Hi,

    I saw your comment on the Freshy2 theme about the date not being shown after you edit posts. This is not the case though. If your post is displayed after a post with the same date, the date is now shown. This is a feature of the WordPress the_date() function.

    The default WordPress theme uses the_time(’F jS, Y’) in stead of the_date(), which doesn’t include such check. I’ve not found an option in Freshy to change this, so the only thing you can do is edit the Freshy index.php and change the the_date() call into the_time(’F jS, Y’). Or better… If you want to use the WordPress date format setting you change it into the_time(get_option(’date_format’)).


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