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A Very Strange Week Indeed: Houston After Ike

Well it has certainly been an unusual week around here. To start with migrating my domain to a new host took longer than I thought. The whole process took about a week. The thing is that it finally happened the very day that Hurricane Ike was to hit the Houston area. So…..I was a little busy…y’dig?

We had the house and office all boarded up and executed what the local authorities call “Shelter In Place.” That protocol, known as “SIP”  to some outside the VoIP community was the recommended practice given our location.

The storm struck Friday in the late evening, and was at its peak around 4-6am Saturday. It took a while to wind down. By around noon Saturday we ventured out into the rain and diminishing winds to assess our circumstances.

The house was untouched but our beloved old Pecan tree in the back yard lost a great many limbs, one taking out the power line to our neighbors garage apartment. Various other trees suffered similar damage. The story repeats itself endlessly all around the neighborhood, and the city.

I’ll be posting more about the past few days, including pictures and perspective on how our network infrastructure handled the events. Nothing like a bone fide disaster to point out the strengths and flaws in your planning.

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  1. Lonnie,

    Actually, we never had to leave. Our neighborhood was not evacuated as we’re immediately Northwest of downtown. We sat through it here at home. The storm was the easy part. Life without city infrastructure after the storm is more challenging.

    Thanks for the note.


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