We’re Celebrating A New Home!!

After several troublesome months with our prior hosting company I finally moved this site to a new host this week. The very fact that you’re seeing this post says that DNS has changed and you’re at the new place.

This is an entirely new construction, so there may be a little dust still to be tidied up and a bit of paint yet to be applied. Rest assured that I’ll be addressing any deficiencies as I find them.

In September 2008 I made the leap from  from the free hosting at WordPress.com to a shared server account at BlueHost. Their service was fine back in the early days, but a shared host can be a problem.

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Beware Bad Links For Now

Some links on this site are going to be broken for a short while. Earlier this week, after the Hurricane Ike cleanup, I managed to get the site moved from WordPress.com free hosting to a BlueHost. This will eventually let me do some things that I’ve wanted to accomplish but were not allowed on WordPress hosts. Like use Flash for example.

However, in the mean time I need to got back through a lot of old posts and edit internal links that made reference to the old blog URLs. I’ve tried to be more structured about how I setup my domain, subdomains, etc. But that broke all the old links. Only internal links are impacted. Links to external sites are remain sounds.

I’ll get it all sorted out eventually. In the mean time if you have any suggestions about managing a WordPress installation I’m completely open hear them.