Twelephone: Profile Of A WebRTC Application

Friday, December 28th the VUC will be joined by Chris Mathieu for a discussion of his new project called Twelephone. Twelephone leverages Twitter and WebRTC to provide clientless peer-to-peer voice, video and IM right inside Google’s Chrome browser.

With a little luck the initial part of the session will be an interview conducted using Twelephone. We hope to be able to bring the Twelephone session into the Google Hangout.

It’s unclear just how practical it will be to connect Twelephone, the Hangout and ZipDX. We may revert to our more typical Hangout+ZipDX combination in order to engage the entire audience.

I will be sitting in for the vacationing Randulo. Rumor has it that Randulo may drop by from his location in Thailand.

Twelephone is ringing…you got me one the run…” – it’s like Elmer Fudd sings Alice Cooper Winking smile

Connecting The Dots: WebRTC, Twelephone & Hangouts

We have invited the folks from Twelephone to appear as guests on the VUC call Friday, December 28th. If you’ve not heard of them, Twelephone is a new video calling service built using WebRTC and effectively leveraging Twitter as namespace. It’s just one of many new web communications applications arising from from the newly evolved WebRTC standard.


Chris Mathieu is the founder of the project. Chris has appeared on a number of VUC calls in the past. Chris has long been involved with telecom related APIs, including spending some time worth with the Voxeans who created Tropo.

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Erik Lagerway Interviews Alan B. Johnston On WebRTC

WebRTC is certainly a hot topic in some circles and definitely something to watch. Recently Erik Lagerway of Hookflash interviewed Alan Johnston of Avaya on the matter. They both share a lot of enthusiasm for WebRTC and the potential that it represents.

Mr. Johnston has written a book on WebRTC, which is mentioned on his blog. He’s giving away 10 copies. You have until the end of the day to get yourself entered via Good Reads.

Thanks to Chris Mathieu for pointing this out via Twitter.

Tim Panton On WebRTC: A Route To UserCentric Communcations

WebRTC is getting a lot of attention in recent months. There’s a lot of hype. There are passionate proponents and equally impassioned naysayers. Fortunately, Tim Panton of Voxeo, one of the most knowledgeable developers in the space, is willing and able to share his experience and thoughts on the subject.

Revisiting The VoIP Users Conference On WebRTC (Nov25, 2011)

RemeberingVUC-Nov25 It’s been a busy week. After spending the mid-week in Chicago I drove to Austin for a meeting on Friday. It’s a three hour drive [cue the opening theme to Gilligan’s Island] each way giving me some time to listen to podcasts en route.

The company mandates that we use a rental car for long drives. It’s cheaper than paying for the mileage on our personal vehicles. This time around I rented a Chevy Malibu at Hobby Airport.

Although I owned one for a long time, I’m generally off Chevy these days. I was surprised to find that this Malibu didn’t suck. It was a decent drive and had some of the conveniences that I’ve usually found lacking in other rental cars. Most notably, it had a USB port to which I could connect my phone. This was how I listened to podcasts while driving.

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