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Revisiting The VoIP Users Conference On WebRTC (Nov25, 2011)

RemeberingVUC-Nov25 It’s been a busy week. After spending the mid-week in Chicago I drove to Austin for a meeting on Friday. It’s a three hour drive [cue the opening theme to Gilligan’s Island] each way giving me some time to listen to podcasts en route.

The company mandates that we use a rental car for long drives. It’s cheaper than paying for the mileage on our personal vehicles. This time around I rented a Chevy Malibu at Hobby Airport.

Although I owned one for a long time, I’m generally off Chevy these days. I was surprised to find that this Malibu didn’t suck. It was a decent drive and had some of the conveniences that I’ve usually found lacking in other rental cars. Most notably, it had a USB port to which I could connect my phone. This was how I listened to podcasts while driving.

My phone is always loaded with 8-10 GB or music and podcasts, often quite vintage. This particular round of drive time found me listening to the VUC from November 25, 2011, a session about WebRTC lead by Randulo and Tim Panton.

I think that this session is quite possibly the best in recent memory! Just consider the people on the call; Tim Panton, Cullen Jennings, Adrienne Georgescu, Karl Fife and James Brody are the voices that I remember. That’s a seriously well-informed crowd considering a cutting edge topic.

Tim did an outstanding job presenting the topic. The call went on for an hour and a half, considering issues broadly enough to keep it interesting without being rigidly confined to the formal topic. The conversation went into sufficient depth to make it informative while remaining entertaining.

We’re not always that well collected, but this is what VUC can be. It’s like an industry conference every Friday. It costs only your time. I think it’s time well spent.

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