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Twelephone: Profile Of A WebRTC Application

Friday, December 28th the VUC will be joined by Chris Mathieu for a discussion of his new project called Twelephone. Twelephone leverages Twitter and WebRTC to provide clientless peer-to-peer voice, video and IM right inside Google’s Chrome browser.

With a little luck the initial part of the session will be an interview conducted using Twelephone. We hope to be able to bring the Twelephone session into the Google Hangout.

It’s unclear just how practical it will be to connect Twelephone, the Hangout and ZipDX. We may revert to our more typical Hangout+ZipDX combination in order to engage the entire audience.

I will be sitting in for the vacationing Randulo. Rumor has it that Randulo may drop by from his location in Thailand.

Twelephone is ringing…you got me one the run…” – it’s like Elmer Fudd sings Alice Cooper Winking smile

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