Polycom Revisits DECT with the VVX D60

vvx-d60-tb-com-650x500-enusToday saw the introduction of a new model in Polycom’s VVX Business Media phones. The Poycom VVX D60 is described as a “wireless accessory” to compliment the existing VVX series of desk phones.

Examining the brochure it seems that the D60 works along side the VVX-300/400/500/600. It requires that the desk phone be running UC Software v5.4.1A or newer. The D60 is actually setup via the VVX web interface.

The feature set of the D60 closely matches the VVX series. Some of the highlights that catch my eye include:

  • Two-port Ethernet switch (10/100 mb)
  • Support for P.O.E.
  • Support for HDVoice (G.722)
  • Support for up to 5 cordless handsets
  • Support for 5 lines per handset
  • Up to 4 simultaneous calls
  • Provisioning via the VVX desk phone
  • Close integration with the VVX desk phone

Since I have the VVX-500 and 600 models hereabouts I certainly see a lot to like in the D60. I think that the D60 could be very well received by SOHO users. It’s certainly an interesting alternative to a DECT headset.

I’m curious about pricing, which doesn’t seem to be available as yet. Rest assured that I’ll be trying to acquire a D60 for review.

The idea of a DECT handset that pairs with a desk phone is not new. I once used an Aastra 480i CT that had a DECT base built into the desk phone and a small cordless handset. Ultimately that cordless handset was less than satisfactory as too many common functions were buried in menus or simply not available.

The Gigaset DX800a also has a built-in DECT based, supporting the use of any of the Gigaset DECT handsets. However, Gigaset’s US presence has faltered, making their offering less than appealing to North American users.

OnSIP: When the SPIT Hits The Phone

In a recent blog post OnSIP noted that some hosted PBX customers using Polycom SIP phones were receiving phantom calls from an internet source. Such calls are known as Spam-over-Internet-Telephony, aka “SPIT.” They have been a topic of discussion in VoIP security circles for years.

As has been mentioned many times, we have a number of Polycom VVX Series phones hereabouts. Our phones are registered with OnSIP and ZipDX. Fortunately, we have not experienced such phantom calls ourselves.

I had not even noted the first OnSIP blog post until a former colleague reached out to tell me that his VVX-500 had received over 700 such calls in the past few days. He noted that the calls were an annoyance. If answered, there was no connection. He could tell that the calls were coming to the phone directly, since they were not rolling over to his cell phone in left unanswered. That implied that the logic of the hosted PBX was not in play.

The very next day OnSIP posted an update to this issue. They had implemented a solution that would cause Polycom phones to reject calls that were coming from a source other than their SIP proxy. This is based upon something that Polycom calls Incoming Signal Validation. Customers who have phones that use the OnSIP provisioning server need only reboot their phones to uptake this new setting.

We’ve recommended OnSIP for long time. In fact, since before Junction Networks launched the OnSIP brand. This weeks events are just another indication of why they’re such a great company.

Disclosure: OnSIP is a sponsor of the VoIP Users Conference.

Polycom VVX Series & USB Headsets

I love when things “just work.” This happens so rarely as to be noteworthy. What follows is a nice example with respect to my Polycom VVX-600 and a USB-attached headset.

This afternoon a plaintive beep in my ear told me that the battery on my Sennheiser DW Pro2 cordless DECT headset was nearly depleted. This when I still had a lot of my working day left. Looking across the room I saw a wired headset that I have been evaluating for some ZipDX applications. It was a Passport 21P Headset, fitted with a Plantronics DA40 USB Digital Adapter.

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Polycom Tip: Easy Screen Captures

There are certainly a lot of SIP desk phones out there, with more coming every month, but I still like my Polycom VVX Series. I recently faced a task that involved creating some documentation of SIP device configurations. This gave me a chance to try a facility of the Polycom phones that I’d long known about, but never actually used…screen capture of the device menus.

The Polycom SoundPoint, VVX and SoundStation series devices running firmware v3.2 (circa 2011) or newer support easy screen capture using a web browser. That in turn makes creating pictorial documentation a lot nicer. Continue reading “Polycom Tip: Easy Screen Captures”

Deal Alert: E4 End of Year Promo on Polycom VVX Series

Just in case you don’t get exactly what you were hoping for under the tree, E4 Technologies is doing a year-end promo on the outstanding Polycom VVX Series desk phones.

My early experience with the VVX-1500 dates back to early 2009. Since then I’ve had the VVX-500 and VVX-600 around my office. The promo prices for these video-capable phones are $214 and $269 respectively.

The VVX-600 (pictured right) is without a doubt the finest SIP desk phone that I’ve ever used. The 4.3” touchscreen makes it easy to use, as well as supporting the use of video when mated with the optional VVX camera.

The VVX range has be extended to include a number of lower-cost models, reaching all the way down to $124 for the VVX-310. While specific features vary by model, every last VVX is capable of HDVoice.

*Disclosure – I have  no connection with E4 Technologies beyond being a satisfied customer.

Psst. Hey, Buddy! Wanna Buy A Great Phone?

Polycom-VVX600-300pxMonday afternoon an email arrived announcing E4 Technology’s new promotion of the Polycom VVX Series desk phones. As I am a huge fan of the VVX Series I thought this worth sharing.

You may recall that I long ago reviewed the VVX-1500. It remains the single best sounding desk phone that I have ever used!

However, I recently replaced the VVX-1500 that had occupied the corner of my desk with a VVX-600 model. The VVX-600 is much smaller and sounds almost as good as it’s larger kin. It’s Bluetooth capable, which is certainly handy. With the optional camera module installed the touchscreen VVX-600 is capable of HD video (720p).

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