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Polycom VVX Series & USB Headsets

I love when things “just work.” This happens so rarely as to be noteworthy. What follows is a nice example with respect to my Polycom VVX-600 and a USB-attached headset.

This afternoon a plaintive beep in my ear told me that the battery on my Sennheiser DW Pro2 cordless DECT headset was nearly depleted. This when I still had a lot of my working day left. Looking across the room I saw a wired headset that I have been evaluating for some ZipDX applications. It was a Passport 21P Headset, fitted with a Plantronics DA40 USB Digital Adapter.

It may seem a little odd to mate a VXi headset with a Plantronics USB adapter. However, each represents the best/price performance in it class. VXi makes some of their products available with their competitors type of quick disconnects. That makes it possible to use this pair in combination.


When I plugged the DA40 into the VVX it responded immediately, reporting “Digital Headset Connected.” Thereafter the headset button on the phone moved the call to the wired headset, even though the Sennheiser remained connected via the RJ type headset

The VVX-VXi-PLT combination worked well…in HDVoice. I like the flexible metal microphone boom on the VXi headset. It permits exacting positioning of the mic element in all directions. The headset is comfortable for all day use.

The Sennheiser cordless headset recharges in just an hour or two, but a wired headset never needs charging. That’s great, but the 2m long cable does present a tripping hazard to the dog that likes to lay under my desk.

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