Deal Alert: Logitech C510 HD Webcam

This morning I see that BUY.COM has offered the Logitech C510 webcam for $34.99 after a mail-in rebate. Why do you care? Well, if you would like to participate in the second phase of my little VUC experiment with video conferencing this little webcam might just be the cheapest bone fide HD-capable webcam you’ll find.

Am I saying that it’s “all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips? No. I’ve not even seen one of this model. It’s relatively new.

I do have the older Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 which cost me $100 and was completely satisfactory. A year later that model remains available but stills costs twice the asking price of the C510.

Both models are capable of rendering 720p HD streams. Unlike the Freetalk Everyman Webcam the Logitech models are useful beyond Skype. That means that you can use them with video-capable SIP/H.323 soft phones like Bria, Kapanga, LifeSize Desktop or Mirial.

When duly equipped with an HD-capable soft phone, webcam and a good headset you’ll be ready to join in the fun when the VUC call happens in HD.

The VoIP Users Conference October 10, 2008 Was Great!

As is often the case some interesting stuff on the weekly VUC call was recorded in the session after the formal call ends. This weeks post call discussion about conferencing, Talkshoe, the cancellation of Skypecasts and HDVoice was really interesting. Thankfully Randy, our esteemed host, records the post-call chatter and uploads it when it’s useful. You can download it here.

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Snom m3: Selecting VOIP Accounts

There’s been an interesting thread on the Asterisk Users Mail List where someone has been seeking a reliable Wifi SIP handset. Lots of user experience with Wifi and DECT devices has been forthcoming.

One reader indicates that they think the process of changing the active VOIP account on a snom m3 is troublesome. Here’s a short video I did some time ago documenting the keystroke sequence using my snom m3.

The phone supports up to 8 separate registations. This means that it can take incomming calls from eight separate sources. However, when making outgoing calls it only uses one of the accounts. You can set which one that is by default for each handset.

In my experience this is not a problem, as I make all outgoing calls through one account anyway. But by allowing multiple registrations I can take calls from auxillary services like Free World Dialup, IPKALL, IdeaSIP, etc.

Web Based IRC Using Mibbit

Mibbit LogoThis past week I sat in on the weekly VOIP Users Conference while working at a customers site. Just before the call started it occurred to me that it would be good to be able to monitor the irc channel while on the call. However, I was working on a customers server…no irc client available.

So I quickly Googled for a web-based irc client and found Mibbit. What a find this turned out to be! Over the course of the call I rebooted the server and jumped in & out of the irc channel easily via Mibbit. It was just as good as xirc, but required no installation at all. That’s pretty cool.

Now I’m not the kinda person who lives in irc all day, every day. In fact, I really only use it once or twice a week. But I think that a web based irc client makes some sense, especially if you’re working on a PC that isn’t actually yours.