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Snom m3: Selecting VOIP Accounts

There’s been an interesting thread on the Asterisk Users Mail List where someone has been seeking a reliable Wifi SIP handset. Lots of user experience with Wifi and DECT devices has been forthcoming.

One reader indicates that they think the process of changing the active VOIP account on a snom m3 is troublesome. Here’s a short video I did some time ago documenting the keystroke sequence using my snom m3.

The phone supports up to 8 separate registations. This means that it can take incomming calls from eight separate sources. However, when making outgoing calls it only uses one of the accounts. You can set which one that is by default for each handset.

In my experience this is not a problem, as I make all outgoing calls through one account anyway. But by allowing multiple registrations I can take calls from auxillary services like Free World Dialup, IPKALL, IdeaSIP, etc.

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  1. You CAN choose (override base station / handset settings) through witch programed provider your outgoing call is made, just dial the phone number and add the number of the position of the desired provider : 123545245#2 (the “#2” at the end of the phone number forces your handset to “call with programed provider number 2”)

    Excuse my poor English…

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