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Web Based IRC Using Mibbit

Mibbit LogoThis past week I sat in on the weekly VOIP Users Conference while working at a customers site. Just before the call started it occurred to me that it would be good to be able to monitor the irc channel while on the call. However, I was working on a customers server…no irc client available.

So I quickly Googled for a web-based irc client and found Mibbit. What a find this turned out to be! Over the course of the call I rebooted the server and jumped in & out of the irc channel easily via Mibbit. It was just as good as xirc, but required no installation at all. That’s pretty cool.

Now I’m not the kinda person who lives in irc all day, every day. In fact, I really only use it once or twice a week. But I think that a web based irc client makes some sense, especially if you’re working on a PC that isn’t actually yours.

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