Adding A Human Dimension To Telepresence

So often our exposure to the utility of telepresence/video conferencing is by way of things like 24 or NCIS. These examples highlight big governmental or corporate situations with people are banging their fists on board tables and glaring at the other parties. This is so stereotypical and under serves the real application of such technology to bring people together. To help us communicate better.

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Sick of travel costs, Deloitte embraces Nortel telepresence!!!

Wow! This is great news!!! Network World has the release here. There’s a lot of talk about the possibility of reduced travel through the use of telepresence, but the actuality seems to be that except for CxOs, it hasn’t yet impacted companies in a fundamental way.

I certainly travel my share, in fact as I write this I’m just completing three days in Durham, NC. In my position, which is technical sales/installation/support, telepresence isn’t going to reduce my travel at all. However, the ability to provide remote support through Webex and GotoMeeting-like services has helped a lot in recent years.

Still, I hope it catches on BIG-TIME. The demand for bandwidth will help everyone in the end. It will also setup a change in our expectations, making video conferences and online meetings acceptable in more situations.

Heck, if some of the CxOs stay home more due to $$$$ telepresence I may even get upgraded more often!