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Gizmo5 Adds Conference Service

Earlier today I received an email from Gizmo5 offering a new conference bridge. I’ve had an account with these guys since they were known only as “” Like FWD I really don’t use it for much but I do have a phone registered to the account 24/7.

Unlike FWD, Gizmo5 doesn’t seem to be winding down. The availability of a free conference bridge supporting up to 10 people could be very useful.

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The VoIP Users Conference October 10, 2008 Was Great!

As is often the case some interesting stuff on the weekly VUC call was recorded in the session after the formal call ends. This weeks post call discussion about conferencing, Talkshoe, the cancellation of Skypecasts and HDVoice was really interesting. Thankfully Randy, our esteemed host, records the post-call chatter and uploads it when it’s useful. You can download it here.

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