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Snom m3 Firmware Now At v1.20 Beta

About a week ago I loaded the v1.19 beta firmware into my m3 system. No obvious problems but I’ve been traveling since then so I haven’t used it a lot. The snom wiki now has instructions on loading the beta from their provisioning server. It’s easy. I’ve set my phone to check for updates once a week. I see that it loaded v1.20 on its own while I was away. The wiki also has release notes on the v1.19 Beta.

I’m still waiting to get an example of the CSV file used for uploading the contact details. I tried a simple one but it was rejected by the phone. There’s obviously more than just the name and number in the file. Snom needs to provide an example so that I can format my contact details appropriately.

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  1. I see that they have Version 1.20 on their site but my phones remain at 1.16. I tell the phone to check for a new release and it says none found. Is 1.20 a beta release and therefore won’t update automatically? How do I manually update the firmware? Thanks.

  2. Yes, my understanding is that v1.20 is a beta release. You can get the beta installed by going to the “advanced” menu on the web GUI and changing the setting listed as “Firmware Path:” to “/m3/beta/”

    I also have mine automatically check for new software and load it when found. Just now the phone reports that it’s running v1.22.

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