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New Wifi SIP Handset From VOIP Supply

VoIP Supply’s Garrett Smith has tipped us off to a new Wifi SIP handset. Apparently it’s making him rethink his stance on VoWifi hardware. As we are of like mind on this topic this raises my curiosity. Perhaps even enough to actually preorder one of these little beasties. Availability is projected as end of October.

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  1. I suspect that such situations are better served by a dual mode cell phone than a dedicated wifi handset. While I’ll try it around my office I’m not certain I’d lug it about to such hotspots. The one exception being hotels, where free wifi is quite common. However, in order to get decent call quality you truly need WMM, which is probably not common in such places.

  2. I’ll let you be the guinea pig on this one, I think. I’ve been burned by enough Wi-Fi SIP phones claiming to have longer battery life (but at the expense of horrible Wi-Fi connectivity or range) to get my hopes up too much.

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