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Refurbished HP Thin Clients

I routinely buy refurbished items through the HP Business Outlet for refurb’s & overstock. Last time one of their sales staff started sending me his daily list of available merchandise. There’s usually a handful of HP thin clients being offered as shown in the following screen shot.

HP Refurished Thin Clients Oct 9, 2008

HP Refurbished Thin Clients Oct 9, 2008

Since there seems to be strong and constant interest in using these devices as low power hosts for Asterisk, Magic Jack, SqueezeCenter and FreeNAS I thought that I’d remind you all of this source. These devices can often be found on Ebay, sometimes for a little less money, but it’s nice to have a reliable second source.

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  1. I’m new to VOIP but I’m sure many other people are wondering the same thing:  Why not use a thin client with a softphone as your IP phone?  

    1. A 24/7 always on thin client could perform many tasks for people at home.  Audio/video security, torrents, simple web browsing, simple note taking or document creation, softphone of course, email notification and composition, etc.

      1. In truth, most thin clients have a lot in common with net-tops. There was a time, when I first started using thin clients in such roles back in 2004-5 when net-tops were not around, which made them more unique.

    2. That’s one possible use, although the requirement for a GUI may limited thin clients in this regard. I don’t usually use them where heavyweight, graphical OS is required.

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