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Power Corrupts, For Now


It’s been four days since I got the Siemens S685IP phone system installed and working. All appeared fine at first. I thought myself clever for a DIY conversion to US power supplies. And, well, one of the three handsets is functioning perfectly. The other two drained their batteries and will not charge them.

At first I thought it may just be a matter of some flaky rechargeable batteries. So I went to my local Radio Shack, which is more convenient than Fry’s, and bought some AAA size NiMH rechargeables to replace those provided by the manufacturer. No joy. A day later they’re discharged and the phones won’t charge them for some reason.

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Siemens S685IP: Beyond Cool

This afternoon I took a few minutes to get the S685IP setup and working. I thought I’d use it in the office today as I was going about my daily toil.

A few snips, a little solder & some electrical tape is all it took to provide power. I had to splice the universal power supplies that I bought last night into the lines from the manufacturers supplies power supplies. The voltages and current ratings matched, but the connectors didn’t. Is this what’d we’d call a “hardware mash-up” in web 2.0 parlance?

I had the base registered with OnSIP in about 5 minutes. It’s registering with two separate domains on the same account. Thus I can get work and personal calls. One of the truly great things about OnSIP is that they support multiple phones using the same registration. When a call comes in they simply all ring. Very handy.

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An Interesting Week Ahead: New VOIP Hardware

The coming week promises to be very interesting. It’ll be the first full week spent in my office in a couple of months. Thank goodness. I’m tired of all the travel. Also, I have a bunch of new VOIP hardware either awaiting installation or on its way.

Polycom Soundpoint IP650

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Siemens S675IP & The Great Randulo

Judging from today's post-recording VUC call Randy (aka Randulo) seems quite taken by his new Siemens S675IP SIP-DECT system. He's written about it a couple of places including the VUC Ning site and over on his HUB Pages psuedo-blog. Between…

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