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Siemens S675IP & The Great Randulo

Judging from today’s post-recording VUC call Randy (aka Randulo) seems quite taken by his new Siemens S675IP SIP-DECT system. He’s written about it a couple of places including the VUC Ning site and over on his HUB Pages psuedo-blog.

Between his experience and Alan Lord’s earlier review I’m thinking seriously about acquiring one myself. If it works as well as they say then it would be a good home phone, where we’d like to have several handsets. The ability to remotely provision the contact list is key.

Since it’s G.722 capable it would provide another end-point for testing wideband calling when I finally get a Polycom IP650, IP550 or IP670. Wideband intercom in the house sounds like a nice idea, too.

The trouble is it’s not available in the US. The older C450 is available here, but that looks to be a much less evolved device. Maybe I can source them in the UK and have them shipped to my employer’s head office in Cambridge.

UPDATE: I just ordered the system with three handsets from a vendor in Glasgow, for shipment to Cambridge. It may be a while before it gets to Houston, but we’re definitely giving it a try. I’m such a sucker for new hardware.

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  1. Of course. My apologies. My confusion comes from a time about 15 years ago, truly in a past life, when I worked as an editor for a magazine. I edited an article by a David Lord, who was a retired Boeing engineer.

    Thanks for the good product review.

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