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Connecting The Dots: Verizon, Delta Three & Panasonic

Om Malik suggests that Verizon’s shutdown of their VoiceWing residential VoIP service could be the end of Delta three. When I first started experimenting with VoIP Delta Three was flying high, and I looked at their I Connect Here offering briefly. They managed to land some very interesting deals, including Verizon’s ill-fated Voice Wing and a partnership with Panasonic called JoIP.

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Gigaset DECT Line Announced In The US

In all the activity of CES last week one could be forgiven for missing this press release from Gigaset Communications.

Gigaset Communications Announces the Launch of its Popular Gigaset DECT 6.0 Line of Phones in the U.S.

New, sleek versions of the Gigaset A580 and S675 IP, along with the Gigaset SL785, now available in North America

The award-winning Gigaset SL785 embodies the highest level of design and technology innovation seen in a cordless phone. This new design has already been recognized with an international Red.Dot Honorable Mention award, receiving rave reviews for its metal handset frame and charging cradle. The SL785 also includes user-friendly features such as an ergonomic keypad and large, icon-based color display. In addition to its award-winning form, the SL785 is also an eco-friendly phone with reduced power consumption.

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Retiring snom’s m3 From Our Home Line

snom_m3_persp_1_typo3_032Since mid-October the snom m3 has been the only phone on our home account. That’s when the old Panasonic KSU finally breathed its last gasp. I’ve been using one of the snom handsets in my office since they arrived in January. In general I’m pleased with the device. It does what I need and it’s been reliable.

About a week ago my wife came to me with one of the little snom m3 cordless handsets in her hand. She wasn’t mad, but she said that the little phone is source of frustration, and she’d like me to replace it on the home line.

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DECT Wars: snom m3 vs Siemens S685IP

If you’ve been hanging around these parts a while you’ll already know that I’ve had the snom m3 SIP DECT phone system installed since mid-January. I got lucky and bought one of the first units delivered to snom’s US distributor in Dallas.

Then a few months later, and after hearing rave reviews from a few people abroad, I imported a Siemens S685IP SIP DECT phone system from the UK. So now we have two SIP DECT systems on the property.

Why you ask?

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Ad Hoc Wideband Telephony Interoperability Testing

Having invested some time in cleaning up my office earlier this week I was forced to commit some effort to the research behind a new review that I’ve been tasked with writing. In so doing I was experimenting with call setup between various different devices, including a Polycom IP550 and a Siemens S685IP.

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Siemens S685IP Software Update

I must admit that in the chaos around my office lately I’ve had the Siemens S685IP DECT system powered off.  Today I took some time to get the base installed where I really want it, which is way up high along with the antenna from the Portech GSM gateway. When I powered it back up the handset reported that there was a new firmware update.

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