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Siemens S685IP Cordless Phone Review


Alan Lord recently posted a review of the new Siemens S685IP SIP-DECT cordless phone. These look very nice. Less expensive than the snom m3, and able to switch between one analog line and numerous VOIP providers.

I hope that these become available in the US some time soon.

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  1. If we purchase this Siemens S685IP from UK, will they be compatible with US VoIP services?

  2. Is there a fair alternative to the Siemens S685IP phone system now available in the US? I’ve read so much, and don’t know if I can wait until this arrives here. Any thoughts?

  3. It’s not the VOIP service that I’d be concerned about, but FCC compliance. There may be frequency allocation differences between US and Euro DECT radios. All the DECT stuff I’ve seen here has been DECT 6.0.

    As to the alternative, the S450 are available over here. It depends what’s important to you. I’m driven by G722 support and the ability to remote provision the phone book. These features are lacking in my snom m3s. I don’t think that the 450 support G.722.

  4. This is an excellent system with more capability than I could wish for. If I had one criticism, it would be that the setup of the internet side is not as well explained as it might be. Fine if you are choosing one of the listed providers – needs a bit more explanation if you are not. It is fine once you work it out.

  5. Michael, Does the S685IP function on 120 volt power with just a power plug adapter? I am thinking of trying it out.

  6. No, you’ll need more than just a physical plug convertor. The power transformer is not universal (110-24vac) it requires 220vac.

    You can use a step-up transformer in-line with the original power supply in order to provide 220vac. Alternatively, you can replace the original power supplies with universal ones that provides the correct DC voltages.

    Note that the DECT base and the handset cradle have different DC voltage requirements. Be careful to observe correct polarity in this case.

  7. thanks. i see now that you wrote about the power supply issue in other posts.

    i will try a step-up transformer if i’m able to import one of these phones.

  8. Michael, at this point are you happy with the quality of the S685IP? I have been using the Panasonic Globarange phone because I like the hybrid PSTN+VOIP, however, my wife hates the voice quality. So I am forced to switch. 🙂

  9. Yes….but. The voice quality is excellent. However, there are a few little things about the phone that are kinda euro-style, and that may not appeal to North American spouses.

    If you’re outside of the US it’s not an issue at all. Then I recommend the phone highly. Most especially if you need hybrid VOIP & PSTN.

  10. Hm, anything in specific you think would make it spouse resistant? My wife is fairly tech savvy but at the same time she does not like change 🙂

    Does the caller ID work on the PSTN side or do you not have the PSTN set up?

    Thanks again for your comments. It’s impossible to find anyone who is using these in the US!

  11. I can’t speak to the PSTN callerid as I don’t have POTS lines here. However, I understand from others in Europe that it works fine.

    There’s a simple reason why you can’t find user experience in the US. They’re not sold here. I had to order mine from the UK.

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