Dave Michels On Teleworking

soundpoint_ip_450Dave Michels, principal of Boulder’s Buffalo Communications, has a great post today detailing recommendations for effective teleworking. His recommendations are backed by some detail about his own home office installation. As someone who has worked from a home office for over a decade his advice definitely rings true.

In fact, I’d like to take a moment to amplify and extend his recommendations based upon my work situation. Most of the things that I’d like to highlight reflect the difference between the occasional teleworker and the full-time home-office dweller.

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Updated Home-Office Network Diagram

I puzzles me how to see how many people find the diagram of my home/office network interesting. Yet it consistently gets a lot of traffic, so here’s an update to the original one I posted in March.

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Web Worker Daily: 14 Things Corporations Can Learn from Seasoned Web Workers

GigaOm’s Web Worker Daily has a really nice piece called 14 Things Corporations Can Learn from Seasoned Web Workers. It lists ways that companies can adapt themselves to newer ways of working. I liked it do much that I emailed the link to my boss, and his boss….something that I rarely do.

As someone who has worked from a home office for over a decade I truly appreciate anything that helps traditional companies and managers to evolve around the reality of a distributed workforce. From network infrastructure to managing personalities from a distance, it can be a challenge. We need to encourage our superiors to continue to examine, and possibly embrace, all things new and different.

My Home-Office Network

There’s a forum over at www.broadbandreports.com where people post photos and drawings of their home and home-office networks. Some people have some really simple setups, while others have truly sophisticated installations.

I’m sure ours is somewhere in the middle. I posted a drawing over there so I suppose that it only makes sense to post it here as well.

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