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Updated Home-Office Network Diagram

I puzzles me how to see how many people find the diagram of my home/office network interesting. Yet it consistently gets a lot of traffic, so here’s an update to the original one I posted in March.

Over the past few months I’ve made a number of changes:

  • Added the Siemens S685IP SIP DECT phone
  • Added Portech SIP<>GSM gateway
  • Changed out an older WAP-54G for a new Netgear N type Wifi AP
  • Added a third Squeezebox
  • Added Comcast cable modem service
  • Decommissioned two file servers to reduce my power consumption & heat output
  • Added a Polycom IP550 (on loan for review)
  • Added a Polycom SpectraLink 8002 Wifi SIP handset (on loan for review, not shown since it’s about to be returned)

I’m really happy that I buried two cat 5 lines across the back yard when we bought our house 7 years ago. This lets me bring both the DSL and cable modem service into the house from their delivery point in the garage/office.

Since my wife is so taken by Amazon’s Unbox movie download service I’ve shifted much of the house internet traffic over to the Comcast cable modem service. This makes her movies download faster and reserves the DSL for business & VOIP applications.

At present the two networks are physically separate, but that may change eventually. They are on very similar subnets so I should be able to cross connect the routers at some point.

m0n0wall doesn’t support dual WAN ports so I needed two routers. Luckily I had spare Soekris hardware on-hand already.

I’m in the market for a BYOD NAS device to take the place of the two old servers that I’ve shut down. I should be able to get that ordered in the next few weeks. Until then I have a stack of portable USB portable drives as temporary storage for our work and personal files.

Note that we still have both the snom m3 and Siemens S685IP DECT phones. That’s fodder for another post one day soon.

I’ll probably add one more Squeezebox in the late summer. This will help should we decide to stage a haunted house come Halloween time. If we do that I’ll have sounds effects track mixed for each room.

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