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A trio of conference phone reviews are forthcoming

There’s quite a list of items here queued for review. It only just occurred to me that there are three different conference phones that have accumulated; the Konftel 55W, Grandstream’s Android-powered GAC2500 and the Revo Labs FLX UC 1000.

Trio of other conference phones

Some of these have been in-house for quite some time. As a lone-wolf in a home-office my requirement for conference phones is considerably less than in years past. Although I have been deploying a number of conference phone in support of ZipDX activities.

There has been something of a shakeup in the conference phone space. For a long while Cisco sold an OEM version of the Polycom’s SoundStation IP7000. That model, now quite vintage, has been my benchmark for many years. In 2013 Cisco replaced the IP7000 with something from Revo Labs, who are a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation. Their FLX Series has been growing steadily.

Grandstream‘s GAC2500 is their first conference phone offering. I participated in their beta program last fall, prior to the launch of the product. OnSIP have written a glowing review of the device, which tempered my own sense of urgency.

It may be that one of these newer models has a chance at taking the crown.

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  1. I recently looked at a few conference phone products for our new offices. After testing a few, for our boardrooms, I selected the Polycom IP7000’s, for small to medium sized conference rooms and a few executive offices, I selected the Konftel IP300, and for personal use in offices or shared spaces, the Konftel 55W. They all work pretty well and sound great with, our hosted service.

    1. Yeah, we’ve got numerous IP7000’s deployed. They work extremely well, but they are a little basic. Lacking in some connectivity that would make them more flexible. I used a Konftel 300IP some years back. It offered more diverse options for connectivity.

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