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Grandstream Launched A New SMB/Residential NVR

We’re very happy with the combination of a Grandstream GVR3550 Network Video Recorder (NVR) and GXV3672 IP surveillance cameras. That combination provide a reliable, affordable solution to monitoring events hereabouts. The GVR3550 accommodates a up to four, 3.5” hard drive providing up to 16 TB of space, and capable of recording up to 36(!) camera streams. 000108

This week the company launched a smaller version, the GVR3552. The half-rack-width form-factor accommodates two 2.5” hard drives, up to 4 TB in total. The storage can be arranged in RAID0 or RAID1. Two drives has bandwidth to record 16 streams at 720p or 8 streams at 1080p.


The device has an HDMI output that allows real-time monitoring of up to 4 cameras. That’s exactly right-sized for many homes and small businesses.

The list price for the GVR3552 is just $149, without hard drives, making it quite a bargain. I think it’s especially suitable for the DIY crowd, like myself.

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    1. As I mentioned, we like the GXV3672. These come in four versions; 720p or 1080p capable, then wide or narrow field of view. They run around $150-175 each on Amazon. However, you can use any ONVIF compliant IP video cameras, so look around for a deal. The major thing to consider about the camera is the field of view.

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