Grandstream Launched A New SMB/Residential NVR

We’re very happy with the combination of a Grandstream GVR3550 Network Video Recorder (NVR) and GXV3672 IP surveillance cameras. That combination provide a reliable, affordable solution to monitoring events hereabouts. The GVR3550 accommodates a up to four, 3.5” hard drive providing up to 16 TB of space, and capable of recording up to 36(!) camera streams. 000108

This week the company launched a smaller version, the GVR3552. The half-rack-width form-factor accommodates two 2.5” hard drives, up to 4 TB in total. The storage can be arranged in RAID0 or RAID1. Two drives has bandwidth to record 16 streams at 720p or 8 streams at 1080p.


The device has an HDMI output that allows real-time monitoring of up to 4 cameras. That’s exactly right-sized for many homes and small businesses.

The list price for the GVR3552 is just $149, without hard drives, making it quite a bargain. I think it’s especially suitable for the DIY crowd, like myself.

Grandstream On SIP For Surveillance

VUC529-promoVUC529 on Friday, February 20th will feature Grandstream Networks addressing issues of security and surveillance. Phil Bowers, Global Marketing Communications Manager, will be discussing their range of security cameras and new NVR-3550 network video recorder. One of the key things he will highlight is the natural synergy between SIP telephony and the video surveillance requirements common to business installations.

This appearance arises in part from my own recent effort to install a couple of surveillance cameras on our property. We now have several of their GXV3672-FHD “bullet” cameras monitoring the area around our home & office. Our goal in this effort was primarily to keep watch on our vehicles, which are typically parked on the street.

We have had the cameras installed for several weeks, but very recently deployed the new Grandstream GVR3550 Network Video Recorder (NVR). It replaced a Windows PC as the means of recording and managing the camera feeds.

This is the start of a series of posts that I’ll be crafting documenting how we came to select the gear deployed in our installation. If all goes as planned the collection will comprise a “SOHO/SMB Guide to Video Surveillance.”