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Our DoorBot has Been Decommissioned: Part 3

While the device was actually sending a video stream I noted that my router indicated around 500 kbps in outbound traffic. That seems about right given that the DoorBot camera is said to be sending a 640×480 pixel stream.

Rather than comment directly on the quality of audio and video experienced when using the DoorBot I’ve decided to show an example and let you come to your own conclusions. This sample recording starts with a walk through the client app before proceeding on to an example call from the Doorbot.

It was actually quite difficult to capture this example video. This is the best quality result of a number of attempts to capture the output of the DoorBot client app using various devices. This particular recording was made using my Nexus 4 Android phone. It’s display was capture into Wirecast in a fashion described previously.

It happens that there is no audio with this recording. That’s the result of something about my recording setup. I was going to try to record another example, but then it occurred to me that I’ve never heard legible audio from the DoorBot, so it wasn’t worth the effort.

The only edit in the video clip was to eliminate a long delay between the overview of the client app and the incoming call from the DoorBot.

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  1. doorbot is junk. the use of the aWS CLOUD HURTS PERFORMANCE, THEY DO NOT RESPOND TO CUSTOMERS, the phone apps work less that 30%, video is not reliable. the cloud model doe not scale

    1. Oh, I don’t know about that. There are many examples of cloud services scaling very well. There are also many ITSPs who operate using cloud infrastructure.

      The Doorbot team don’t seem to have much depth of experience in real-time streaming media. Their solution always forces all the media to their cloud service, which is both unnecessary and likely poorly designed.

      We have SIP phones around here, including some that can do video calling at 720p30. That’s the standard to which Doorbot should be held. That’s the relative prior art in the area.

      As you note their service as a whole is simply unreliable. Their customer service model is no better conceived than the technical underpinnings of the device itself.

      Sadly, I’ve seen complaints about Skybell as well. They are another startup offering a similar device.

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